Bohopo is a Cyprus headquartered, property and hospitality investments company.

We Repurpose, Reposition and Retrofit, reduntant real estate in key European cities, transforming it into high quality, future proof Boutique Hotels.

/ Our Principles

Bohopo’s founding team and investors share a common mindset which focuses around the below key business principles in relation to the business of boutique hotels development and operations.

 “Rule No. 1: Never lose money. Rule No. 2: Never forget rule No.1” – Warren Buffett.

 Research shows beating the stock market is unlikely. In hospitality, the effort (=cost) to beat the market is not easily measurable and is not guaranteed to succeed; focus on costs, possibly, is a better strategy than trying to beat competition by seeking to charge more.

Photography is extremely important as the room sale originates from photography. Operations should meet guest expectations to gain a good review, but without attractive photography there is no sale and thus no operation. As such, every asset under consideration should be evaluated on its photography potential.

/ Our Thesis

The global hospitality market is on a consistent upward trend, spanning across a wide range of service industry sectors and is one of the largest economic contributors to global GDP. Underpinned by significant economic fundamentals, such as population growth, the growth of the middle class, the sharing and experience economies, technology, and a host of other factors we can safely assume that the hospitality market is on a sustainable positive path. We believe the boutique hotels segment, which has experienced dislocated valuations from a real estate perspective, offer significant opportunity within the hotel industry and have decided to pursue a strategy of developing a portfolio of boutique hotels, in the city center of key European cities. The collection of our boutique hotels is ultimately viewed as a “portfolio”, a collection of diverse assets; as such they form an investment product which seeks to improve sharpe ratio and risk return characteristics.

/ Our Business

Acquisitions – We source undermanaged and unloved real estate in key city centre locations. Our acquisitions team has collectively worked and lived in several major European countries, enjoying a wide array of connections in several geographies, including agencies, investment firms, banking, and legal networks. The Bohopo acquisitions team is made up of professionals with backgrounds in investment management, fund management and real estate, having worked with some of the most prominent names in the industry.

Development – The development process typically involves the entire life cycle of concept inception to implementation and completion. Bohopo’s highly experienced development team has delivered several real estate developments, throughout the entire design and development stage, in various sectors and geographies including boutique and large-scale hotels but also infrastructure projects, offices and residential projects. We collaborate closely with local architects, engineers, interior designers, and planning experts to tailor our end product to the target market, creating unique boutique hotels in the best locations. All of which is executed with an emphasis on cost savings.

Hotel Operations – Hospitality management and operations sit at the heart of the business once assets are acquired and developed. The operations team places heavy focus on customer satisfaction, fostering a positive experience for our guests, but also on operational costs. Given that each boutique hotel is branded individually, the operations team is tasked with optimizing the offering to suit specific guest profiles. Our hands-on operational approach plays a crucial role in maximizing investment returns.  

Corporate GovernanceThe company operations headquarters are in Limassol, Cyprus; Headquartered in Cyprus allows Bohopo to benefit from exceptional hospitality and finance talent, a highly developed and efficient corporate service system with highly skilled professionals, and an overall robust legal infrastructure based on the principles of British law. The Cyprus corporate team closely collaborates with local teams in overseeing and coordinating acquisitions, development, and hotel operations. Bohopo’s acquisition team is based in Geneva, Switzerland which allows easy access to the European capitals.


Responsible thinking guides our actions throughout our business and our relationships with all of our stakeholders. Investment firms are increasingly being held accountable by their investors and stakeholders on how capital is being invested and assess the delivery of investment objectives more broadly than simply financial returns. Given the size and impact of the real estate industry, we believe real estate-focused companies should be acutely aware of the industry’s ability to positively impact the planet and its people. On the sustainability front, by acquiring and refurbishing unloved and neglected real estate in city centers, our business plan inherently involves the recycling and reusing of embedded carbon in standing structures (as opposed to new developments). In addition to the environmental element, we also strive to achieve positive social and governance outcomes through a hands-on, dynamic approach. We have a deep understanding of our responsibility amid this significant shift in expectations for compliant and forward-thinking ESG initiatives, constantly striving to align socially responsible criteria into our investment and management frameworks and processes. We aim to reflect these values across our chain of stakeholders.

/ Contact

Our offices are located at 46C John Kennedy Avenue Nicosia, Cyprus and Route de Chene 61, 1206 Geneva, Switzerland.

If you would like to reach out regarding a property or hotel, in a key European city centre, that could satisfy our investment criteria, contact us on If you wish to send us your resume for consideration, contact us on, while for general enquiries you can contact us at